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In order to choose a photocopier machine for your firm you have to be really careful and invest a lot of your time in making this decision. Although it may not seem like a big deal but choosing the perfect photocopy machine for your firm is essential. Different photocopy machines have different specifications which may not be the perfect fit for your firm. Check out What Photocopier?. This website allows you to choose the best photocopy machines which are suited to your requirements and your firm's requirements. This website also gives you a list of the top ten photocopy machines in the world. Some of them are:

o Konica Minolta Bizhub C35 - This photocopy machine is of a relatively small size and is perfect for small businesses or for home use. The quality of the print is impeccable and it provides efficiency in the work place.

o Canon ImageRunner 5075 -This photocopy machine only prints in black and white colors. This has the ability to copy seventy five pages per minute. An added advantage of this model is that it can store up to forty gigabytes.

o Xerox Workcentre 7120 - It prints about twenty five pages per minute but the quality of the prints is immaculate. It has the ability to photocopy, scan and print all at the same time. Best suited for large firms and helps in increasing the efficiency of the workplace.

o Ricoh Aficio C2550 - It is a perfect fit for large firms. It can print up to twenty five pages per minute. It includes Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity as well. The biggest advantage of this photocopy machine is that the printing quality is unmatched and it is one of the reasons why this machine is regarded as the best photocopy machine in the world. See the different ones here at, which gives you the details of these photocopy machines and allows you to choose the best suited machines for your firm.

Go here, the following pages with additional information and this source can be used as an example. When looking for the best copymachine, see the different ones here.

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